Dental Sealants

in Fairfield, CT

Interested in getting dental sealants? The small grooves on the outer chewing surfaces of our back teeth are breeding grounds for bacteria, and for harboring food particles and the things that can lead to tooth decay. There are ways to protect your teeth from that decay. At Jack Vayner, DDS in Fairfield, CT, we suggest you seal these grooves with a sealant to protect your teeth and prevent the occurrence of cavities.

About Dental Sealants

A sealant is a very thin plastic coating applied to the teeth to smooth the tooth’s surface and prevent the cavities that affect your perfect smile. With a proper oral health regimen, you can make great strides in protecting your teeth, but you may want to try another way of preventing tooth decay, especially in children.

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    Dental Sealant Process

    Our office provides dental sealant treatments in a painless, simple procedure. After the tooth surface has been cleaned and dried, a special gel is applied to facilitate the bond between the surface of the tooth and the sealant. The sealant is then painted on with a brush and hardened by a special dental curing light. A great perk of this treatment is that patients can resume normal eating, drinking and chewing immediately. Think your family need dental sealants? Schedule an appointment for the entire family today!

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    Protect Your Dental Health

    Maintaining regular dental clinic visits, oral hygiene, flossing, and cleanings will help to maintain your oral health. Sealants have a 10-year lifespan of protection for you and your teeth but will be checked for chipping or wearing during regularly scheduled checkups.

    Get Dental Sealants

    Ask us how we can protect you and your child’s teeth with dental sealants today. Call for a dental sealants consultation or appointment.

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