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A dental examination and dental cleaning should be a very routine part of your life if you are looking to keep your oral health at an optimal level.

Dental Exams

A dental exam is a simple meeting with your dentist. Your dentist will take a thorough look at your teeth and gums and discuss with you your general oral health, your risk of gum disease, evaluate your need for a filling, tooth replacement, fluoride, or other procedure, and it is commonly accompanied with a dental cleaning. Need a routine exam and cleaning? Get in touch to schedule an appointment!

Dental Cleanings

The dental cleaning also is very simple and should only take a few minutes. Your dentist will clean plaque from anywhere that it has built up, including close to the gums, as well as attempt to remove stains from your teeth that regular teeth brushing has been unable to do.

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    How Dental Cleanings and Dental Exams Help You

    Without a regular dental check-up, your oral health can really suffer. Exams and cleanings not only help you understand your oral cancer and gum disease risk, but they also help you avoid them completely. Your dentist will show you how to care for your oral health during the dental examination. During the cleaning, they will remove as much plaque from your teeth as possible, helping to avoid any serious complications. Does your family need to schedule your routine dental exams and cleanings? Contact Jack Vayner, DDS to schedule an appointment for the whole family!

    Dental Exams & Cleanings FAQs

    How Often Should I Get a Dental Exam and Cleaning?

    We recommend that you see a dentist twice a year to get an oral exam. Routine exams and treatments can prevent cavities, tooth decay, or gum disease. Two exams are enough to ensure your mouth stays healthy. However, if you do suffer from periodontal issues, additional visits may be required.

    What Should I Expect During an Oral Exam and Cleaning?

    During your exam, a member of our team will ask about any medications you may be taking, and if you have any health issues. Next, we will perform the oral exam by looking at your teeth, gums, and jaw. When doing the exam, we are looking for indications of cavities, tooth decay, or gum issues. If needed, we may take an X-Ray of your mouth to get a more in-depth look.

    Next, we will clean your teeth with high-quality equipment to remove the plaque or tartar that attaches to your teeth and under the gum line. After the plaque or tartar is removed, your teeth will then be polished, and we will finish with discussing preventative measures you can do at home.

    Are Dental Cleanings Painful?

    Pain during dental cleanings varies from person-to-person. Levels can range from no pain to severe discomfort depending on a variety of things. Here are some factors that can contribute to pain or discomfort during an oral cleaning:

    • • Missing routine dental cleanings or exams
    • • Poor brushing or flossing habits
    • • Having a low pain tolerance
    • • The type and severity of the cleaning needed
    • • Lost Filling
    • • Sudden Jaw Pain
    • • Throbbing or Persistent Toothache

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding your next appointment, call our office and we will be happy to help you!!

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