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Jack Vayner, DDS offers a variety of dental restorations to help you maintain the beauty of your smile. Our high-quality inlays and onlays can restore a tooth structure that has been affected by damage or decay.

Sometimes, a tooth is too damaged for it to be repaired with a filling, but is not damaged so badly that it requires the protection of a crown. Placing a very large filling can weaken the tooth structure, increasing the probability of fracture, while placement of a crown will require removing more natural tooth structure than needed. Inlays and onlays are ideal restoration options in such cases of mild to moderate tooth decay.

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    Dental Inlays/Onlays

    Inlays and onlays are similar, except that they cover different portions of a tooth. An inlay is placed between the cusp tips of a tooth, at the center of the tooth surface, while an onlay covers one or more cusps or whole of the biting surface of the tooth.

    Inlay and onlay restorations are also known as indirect fillings, because unlike traditional fillings (which are placed and shaped in the mouth directly), inlays and onlays are first crafted in a dental lab and then installed on the teeth. The tooth is first prepared by removing decay. Then, an impression is taken to send to a dental lab where your restoration will be prepared. You are fitted with a temporary restoration, which is replaced by the permanent one once it is ready.

    Advantages of inlays and onlays as restorations for your teeth:

    • They allow us to preserve more of your natural tooth structure
    • They look natural
    • They add to the natural strength of the tooth
    • They are highly durable and resistant to bite forces
    • They offer perfect contours for healthy gums

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    Our Inlays/Onlays

    If you want to learn more about dental inlays and onlays or any other dental restorations, please call our Fairfield dental practice at 203-336-1275. We will be happy to help you achieve your dream smile.

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