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At Jack Vayner, DDS, it is our top priority to help you preserve the health and beauty of your natural teeth; however, when a tooth is damaged beyond repair, extraction becomes necessary to avoid further oral problems. A tooth extraction may need to be done for several reasons, such as:

  • Irreparable damage to a tooth due to infection or trauma, which may spread to the nearby teeth if the tooth is not removed
  • Crowding of teeth in the mouth, causing problems with your bite and the alignment of your teeth
  • An impacted tooth (a tooth that has not erupted fully from the jawbone or is erupting at an angle), which may affect the health of existing teeth
  • Sometimes, a child’s milk (baby) teeth do not fall out naturally to allow the permanent teeth to come in. In such cases, the milk teeth need to be extracted

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    Our Tooth Extraction Process

    The process of a tooth extraction starts with an X-Ray to evaluate the position of the tooth and the best way to extract it. Local anesthesia is administered so that you don’t feel any pain during the procedure. Using dental instruments, the tooth is carefully loosened from its socket in the jawbone. You may feel some pressure at the site while this is being done. Sometimes, a tooth may have to be extracted in pieces. Once the tooth extractions have been completed, the area is cleaned, and a gauze pad is placed at the extraction site to control bleeding.

    It is important to keep the site clean to prevent infection. You may feel some pain after the effects of anesthesia wear off. We will prescribe painkillers to control pain if necessary. You may use an ice pack on the outside of your cheek if you experience swelling. Stick to eating soft, cold foods. Avoid smoking, drinking and using a straw. Have additional questions about our tooth extractions? Let us know! We’d be happy to answer them.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I return to work or school after my dental extraction?

    Dental extractions fall under the category of oral surgery, so patients should take at least the rest of the day off to rest and recover after they have one or more teeth removed. You probably won’t feel like doing much after your treatment anyway, but it’s important to avoid too much strenuous activity after a dental extraction, as it can cause the blood clot to come loose from the socket, which would be painful and detrimental to the healing process. We recommend taking it easy for at least a few days to let your mouth heal.

    Do I have to get a dental extraction?

    Dental extractions are among the more invasive dental treatments that patients can get, so they are only recommended if they are the best option for the patients’ oral health needs. We understand that dental extractions are intimidating procedures, which is why our compassionate team does everything in our power to make these services as comfortable and pleasant as possible. Vayner Family Dentistry also offers nitrous oxide sedation, so if you are interested in utilizing sedation during your visit, please let us know.

    What happens after my dental extraction?

    If you have one or more teeth removed due to crowding or as part of your orthodontic treatment plan, all you have to do is continue taking care of your teeth like you normally do. If you have teeth removed due to excessive damage or decay, we recommend replacing the tooth with a dental restoration. Vayner Family Dentistry offers several excellent tooth replacement options, including dental bridges, dental implants, and full and partial dentures. We can discuss how you will replace your teeth during your visit, or you can schedule a separate consultation with our team..

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