Dental Hygiene Travel Tips

Dental Hygiene Travel Tips

As summer vacation approaches, family outing planning commences! Whether you’re off to the beach, the mountains, or a new city, it is important you and your family stay healthy so as to not miss a single of the fun that awaits you.

Before You Leave

The key to avoiding a disaster while you’re gone is to extensively prepare yourself. This doesn’t just include the things you can take, like floss and your toothbrush to maintain your overall oral health, but also procedures you can have done before you even set sail. Making sure you’re up to date with all of your dental cleanings, and any procedures you’ve been putting off, like a filling or root canal. When your mouth is in it’s best possible state before you leave, you make sure you avoid any and all problems.

Packing For Your Trip

Be sure to pack your toothbrush, floss and mouth rinse. Packing your tooth brush is essential not only for keeping your mouth clean, but also be careful of how it’s packed. Make sure it is not damp so as to not let bacteria grow on it. You can always buy a new brush at your destination, which may be a safer route.

Maintain Your Dental Routine

We know you’re busy making new memories and seeing new sights, but maintaining you normal dental regimen won’t spoil any of the fun! Brushing twice a day, flossing, and rinsing your mouth take less than 5 minutes and will ensure you not only have your best time, but look your best while doing it!


Hopefully this article helped to to better prevent any oral mishaps so you can avoid any and all emergencies while on your trip. By planning ahead you can spend all your time making memories outside of dental office. In any case, if you do come face to face with an emergency, feel free to contact us here at Jack Vayner DDS, and we’ll help you to the best of our ability.

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