How Fluoride Treatment Helps Your Teeth

How Fluoride Treatment Helps Your Teeth

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that is often used to fortify water sources. Research has proven that fluoride plays an important role in developing and maintaining healthy teeth. This natural mineral provides cavity protection, repairs early decay and strengthens tooth enamel. Fluoride treatment aids in remineralization of damaged teeth providing valuable arsenal against decay.

Fluoride Treatment for Children

Tooth decay and cavities are very common in kids. Therefore, it is important to make sure children get just enough fluoride to help shield their young teeth at an early age. Fluoride treatment makes teeth stronger, so kids may develop fewer cavities. Adults can also benefit from fluoride use, especially those with cavity-prone teeth. Fluoride protection is not reserved for only the youngest patients.

Fortified Drinking Water

In many communities, fluoride is added to tap water to help fight tooth decay. But, to achieve the full benefits of the natural mineral you must drink the fluoridated water. This is something countless citizens don’t do. Today, people prefer bottled water over tap, and it is unlikely that most brands contain fluoride.

Professional Fluoride Treatment

Topical fluoride treatment at Jack Vayner DDS is quick and easy. We use either a fluoride gel, foam or a varnish that is applied with custom fitted trays. Your Fairfield, CT dentist or hygienist will brush the professional fluoride treatment on your teeth and allow it to penetrate for a short time. We recommend that patients wait 30 minutes after they leave the office before eating or drinking. Fluoride treatment in Fairfield is a simple, painless process that is completed in one visit.

Why Choose Fluoride Treatment in Fairfield, CT?

There is nothing to lose and all you might gain is added cavity protection and stronger tooth enamel. There are long-term benefits and nothing to lose. So, if you are unsure about getting professional fluoride applications to contact our Fairfield dental office to discuss your case.

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