Key Facts About Root Canals

Key Facts About Root Canals

Root canals can typically be considered the least favorite of all dental procedures. Many people do not consider any procedure at a dental office fun, but a root canal can be considered a nightmare. Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions about root canals that can actually lead to people avoiding the help that is necessary.

Many people believe that getting the root canal procedure extremely painful and will cause them more pain than they currently have. For this reason, they avoid treatment. on the other hand, many people do not properly understand severe cavities, and so never get their teeth checked out.

We have compiled a short list of key facts about root canals that will hopefully allow more people to seek the help they need regarding their oral health.

  • Root canals are not pain-inducing.
  • That’s right. Many people believe that the procedure is what causes the pain; this belief is very untrue. the pain associated with a root canal is caused by the infection itself. The root canal procedure is simply removing the infection and therefore the source of the pain.

  • Don’t be fooled by the pain, or lack thereof.
  • Ignoring severe tooth pain will not help you, and even if the pain goes away, that does not mean that the infection has gone away. Tooth pulp is painful because it is packed with nerves. When those nerves die, sometimes so does the pain.

  • Tooth traction is not a better option.
  • You may be tempted to have your infected tooth extracted. However, that is not a better option. When a tooth is extracted, it presents you with a new set of challenges.

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