Benefits of Wearing a Mouthguard for Contact Sports

Benefits of Wearing a Mouthguard for Contact Sports

It only takes a moment to cause significant damage to the smile. Wearing a mouthguard while playing contact sports could make all the difference in preventing lasting effects on your or your child’s dental health. Keep reading to learn more about the importance of a mouthguard and the serious damage it could help you avoid.

Protecting the Teeth

Our teeth are so precious. Once your permanent teeth grow in, that’s the only set you’ve got for life. Contact sports can pose a real risk to the teeth, but luckily custom mouthguards serve to mediate that risk in so many cases. Without a mouthguard, the risk of chipping, breaking, or complete tooth loss is much higher than when a mouthguard is worn.

Avoiding Serious Issues

While something like a chip or even a break to the tooth is bad, some issues caused by contact sports can be much more serious, and you will want to avoid them in your or your child’s mouth. Mouthguards can go a long way to prevent issues such as damage to the tooth root, bone damage, or even a jaw fracture.

Getting Fitted for a Mouthguard

Here at our office, we can get you fitted for a custom mouthguard in just a quick visit. While mouthguards can be purchased cheaply at pharmacies and sports stores, you won’t get the full benefits of the appliance without a custom fit. Our mouthguards not only prevent serious and lasting damage, but they allow you to communicate clearly and with ease while you’re on the court or field.

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