What to Expect with Root Canal Therapy

What to Expect with Root Canal Therapy

If you’re getting ready for root canal therapy, you might be wondering what to expect after the procedure is over and how to properly care your teeth. We’ll walk you through what a root canal procedure looks like and provide some tips on how to handle the recovery process.

Why Would I Need Root Canal Therapy?

A patient will require a root canal when their pulp, the soft layer deep inside a tooth, becomes damaged or infected. Your pulp can become damaged from a variety of issues, be it decay, trauma, or an abscess. Root canal therapy preserves the structure of your natural tooth and prevents any infection from spreading to neighboring teeth.

What Happens During Root Canal Therapy?

After our team takes X-rays of your tooth and a visual examination is performed to confirm that root canal therapy is right for you, we will then administer a numbing agent to prevent you from feeling any pain during your procedure. We’ll remove all of the damaged pulp from your tooth and clean your tooth out to prevent further infection. To keep your tooth protected, we often fill the area with a substance called gutta-percha and place a dental crown or temporary filling on top.

Recovery After Root Canal Therapy

Avoid drinking from straws and chewing gum after your procedure. Eat soft foods, like mashed sweet potatoes, yogurt, smoothies, and pureed soups, that won’t irritate your procedure site. Drink plenty of water, get ample rest, and take any prescribed medication as needed.

You may experience pain, swelling, and tenderness after your root canal procedure, and that’s completely normal. However, if your discomfort or swelling severely increases, or if you experience profuse bleeding, call us! Additionally, while it is common to lose a small part or layer of your temporary crown or filling after your procedure, you should also contact us if you lose it entirely.

Restore Your Smile with Jack Vayner DDS!

As long as you follow our instructions carefully, you will be all healed up from your root canal procedure and pain-free in nearly no time. If you have any questions about the root canal procedure, don’t hesitate to contact us at Jack Vayner DDS. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you have a healthy smile.


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