Searching for dental crowns and bridges in Fairfield, CT? When teeth are lost or damaged crowns and bridges are two ways we can help. These porcelain replicas of the natural teeth either fitted over the tooth itself or fit in the gap where the teeth once were. They help restore the look of your smile but also serve important purposes to your functioning. Depending on individual needs, we provide the highest quality dental appliances, mimicking the look of your natural teeth and fitting in their place perfectly.

About Our Fairfield Dental Crowns

Interested in dental crowns in Fairfield, CT, 06825? Crowns fit over individual teeth if you’ve had to have a root canal or if the tooth is otherwise beyond repair. The natural tooth is filed down, impressions are made, and a temporary crown is put on protecting the tooth while your custom replica is made. At a second appointment, we cement this custom crown onto your natural tooth for a permanent fix. For dental crowns in 06825 schedule your appointment today!

About Our Fairfield Dental Bridges

Considering dental bridges in Fairfield, CT, 06825? Bridges fill in gaps created by multiple missing teeth and are necessary to prevent bite imbalances and other problems caused by the remaining natural teeth you have shifting to fill in the gap. The process is similar to that for crowns in that we take impressions at a first visit, put in a temporary piece while custom-making a porcelain appliance and permanently install it into your mouth at a second appointment. However, a bridge isn’t fit over your natural tooth, but rather anchored to the teeth, or crowns, on either side of the gap. Think you’d benefit from our dental bridges in 06825?? Let us know!

Looking to restore the beauty and function of your smile with a crown or bridge in Fairfield, CT? Call our office and schedule a consultation today so we can discuss whether our Fairfield crowns and bridges could help you.

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