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  • Have one or more impacted wisdom teeth removed before or after they erupt
  • Create space in the mouth when crowding is an issue
  • Extract a severely damaged tooth before the infection spreads to nearby teeth
  • Remove baby teeth that don’t fall out naturally
  • Protect the rest of your teeth!
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Tooth Extraction From Your Dentist in Fairfield


At Vayner Family Dentistry in Fairfield, our top priority is to help you maintain the health and beauty of your natural teeth for life! That said, we understand that sometimes extraction becomes necessary to avoid further oral problems. Such circumstances include:

  • When irreparable damage occurs due to infection or trauma, which may spread to nearby teeth if the tooth is not removed
  • When teeth crowding causes problems with your bite and the alignment of your teeth
  • When a tooth is impacted (meaning it has not erupted fully from the jawbone or is erupting at an angle) and may affect the health of surrounding teeth
  • When a child’s milk (baby) teeth do not fall out naturally to allow the permanent teeth to come in.