What is a Fluoride Treatment? (And Why Do You Need It?)

What is a Fluoride Treatment? (And Why Do You Need It?)

Our dental team’s goal at Jack Vayner DDS is to provide patients with high-quality care and protect their smiles, which in turn protects their overall health. One way we contribute to the protection of our smiles is through the use of fluoride treatments. What are fluoride treatments and how can individuals benefit from them? We encourage you to continue reading on to learn more about these easy and effective treatment.

Each individual faces every day attacks against demineralization which fights away at the enamel of teeth. Remineralization helps to defeat these attacks through the use of fluoride and calcium. Oftentimes, our dental may will recommend a fluoride treatment to our patients.

  • What is a Fluoride Treatment? Although fluoride is found in water, some mouthwashes and toothpaste, fluoride treatments provide a higher concentration. These treatments can be provided to patients through a gel, foam, or varnish and help to fight against tooth decay.
  • Who Should Get the Treatment? Fluoride treatments are typically recommended for children with new teeth emerging, individuals with frequent cavities, individuals with crowns, bridges, or braces, and those with poor diets.
  • When Should You Get the Treatment? Although fluoride treatments are beneficial for younger individuals, many can benefit from its use. Frequent fluoride treatments are encouraged by most dentists in order to better protect their patient’s smiles.

Fluoridated Water, Toothpaste, and Rinses

Many communities add fluoride to their water supply for the benefit of the entire community, and as previously mentioned toothpaste and rinses typically contained some level of fluoride. All of this is to help prevent cavities and protect against the pains of tooth decay. Contact your dental office today to see if you could benefit from a fluoride treatment at your next dental exam.

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